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Durham Radio Sales and Service Canada :: C.Crane Products :: CRANECC2EBLACK RADIO CC-2 Enhanced BLACK MICA AM/FM/WX & 2 Metre Ham Band


C-Crane CC2EB Radio Enhanced, Black Mica AM/FM/Weather with 2 Metre Ham Band Included

This radio is mentioned on the "Coast to Coast Radio Show"

If you're looking for one of the best radios for AM reception, then you're in the right place. The CCRadio-2E is a digital AM/FM clock radio made for long range AM reception. Can also be an emergency radio with the Weather and 2-Metre Ham band.

The Premium Radio Designed for Long-Range AM Reception and Emergencies!

Reception and audio are the main reasons to own a better made portable radio. For over 10 years the CCRadio line has had some of the best AM reception available in a radio, along with audio tuned for the human voice. With the new CCRadio-2 Enhanced version, audio can be accurately tuned for realistic human voice. It can also be adjusted for good musical performance! Traditional FM reception is also a full step up in its ability to bring in a weak station clearly. The CCRadio-2E Enhanced also has the weather band/alert along the 2-metre Ham band. The five memory buttons on top of the radio make it easier to change stations rather than front mounted buttons.

The boost in AM performance comes from Crane's patented Twin-Coil FerriteŽ AM antenna. This technology can give a noticeable boost to weak AM signals under most circumstances. After you select a station, the CCRadio-2E evaluates the signal for several seconds and then locks it in for the best possible signal.

The display features a full backlight with three levels of brightness and an "off" setting. When the power is on the display will show the station you are on and then automatically change to the clock after 15 seconds.

The Weather band, with a very loud alert, can keep you informed of any NOAA alerts. The 2-Metre Ham band may make the CCRadio-2E a life saver during an emergency. Two Metre Ham operators are early on the scene of an emergency and they donate their time while handling perhaps 90% of emergency coordination efforts. The CCRadio-2E makes it easy to hear the vital information they share by acting like a simple radio scanner, searching five programmable memories for Ham operator communications. The sensitivity (squelch) can be adjusted for best results.

What is the 2-Metre Amateur radio band anyway?

According to Wikipedia, "The 2 metre amateur radio band is a portion of the VHF (very high frequency) spectrum, comprising of frequencies stretching from 144.000 MHz to 148.000 MHz." These communications are generally FM or frequency modulated transmissions although some operators do operate using SSB (single sideband) or CW (Morse code). These modes of operation allow for longer distance communications without the use of repeater stations.

How does the 2-Metre Amateur radio band work?

In most communities, the local Ham radio operators own and maintain repeaters on the 2-metre band, which assists their communications by increasing the distance that they can communicate with each other while still maintaining the quality of an FM transmission. These repeater stations are located in high locations such as mountaintops or tall buildings in the big cities and consist of a powerful transmitter and a high-gain antenna allowing Ham operators to extend their coverage areas, often as much as 200 miles or more. These stations often have alternative forms of power such as generators, solar power and batteries, which keep them in operation when the commercial power supply has been discontinued due to weather or other disasters. Individual ham operators have also found alternative power sources for their equipment so that they can operate even when there is no commercial power available.

Ham radio operators are very inventive in their approach to communications and can often find a way to communicate when normal communications such as cell phones have been interrupted. As an example, Ham radio operators have been able to make phone calls using the 2-metre band for many years before the invention of the cellular telephone.

More About the 2 Metre Ham Band:

While listening to the 2-metre ham band you can expect to hear normal conversations or "rag chew" as the hams call it. You may also hear a ham operator on his way home from work asking his wife if she needs anything from the store. You may hear a ham operator reporting a traffic accident and requesting emergency services.

You may also hear ham radio operators providing on the scene emergency communications during times of disaster. Often you will hear a ham operator reporting on conditions long before the general public has been advised of the situation via the normal news media. Even before you hear the information listening to a police or emergency services scanner you have already heard about the situation if you are monitoring the 2-metre ham band.

Weight: 4 lbs (without optional batteries)

Dimensions: 11 (W) x 6.5 (H) x 4 (D) inches.



  • 5 memories per band (AM, FM, Weather and 2-Metre bands)
  • Adjustable display light
  • Adjustable Bass and Treble
  • Clock alarm
  • Sleep Timer
  • Auto Scan
  • Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Line-Input Jack
  • Line-Output jack


Runs on included AC power cord or four (optional) "D" batteries.


Weight 4.00 lbs
Price: $239.95


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ccradio2 black front view
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