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Durham Radio Sales and Service Canada :: Amateur Radio :: TNCs and Modems :: RBNOCUSB RIGBLASTER NO MIC USB/SERIAL


Rigblaster No Mic USB/Serial Interface for Amateur Radio

Features of the Rigblaster nomic:

  • Small and inexpensive, perfect for portable or temporary setups.
  • Switch radio's by ordering an extra matching mic. cable.
  • No external power supply needed, great for portable or QRP installations.
  • Great for a dedicated Internet link with the EchoLink system software.
  • USB interface included!

    What is a RIGblaster?

    A RIGblaster is the easiest way to properly connect your radio to a computer so that you may operate using over 100 existing and probably any future ham radio sound card program. You will be able to operate over twenty exciting new modes that your radio would not operate otherwise.

    A RIGblaster pro is the only way to do everything you can do with a computer and a radio.

    Presently available ham radio sound card software, a RIGblaster, a radio and a computer is the easy and modern way to operate:

    • PSK31 (freeware on CD and on the web)
    • MFSK16 (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • MT63 (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • Hellschriber (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • SSTV (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • Digital SSTV (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • RTTY (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • AMTOR (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • PACTOR I(DOS freeware that requires a PSA chip set sound card ) Will not do Airmail, Sailmail or WinLink2000!
    • PACKET (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • APRS (Windows demo on CD and on the web)
    • CW (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • Contest Voice Keying (Windows demo on CD and on the web)
    • WSJT FSK441 High Speed FSK meteor scatter NEW! (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • WSJT JT44 Extreme weak signal Tropo and EME NEW! (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • CW High Speed meteor scatter (DOS freeware on CD and on the web)
    • FM repeater announcements, automatic and unattended. (Windows freeware on CD and on the web)
    • Internet radio linking with the EchoLink® system. POPULAR! (Freeware, get the latest version at www.echolink.org)
    • Simplex or duplex repeater control with EchoStation. (Windows 30 day demo on CD and on the web, $20 de K1RFD)
    • Digital voice over SSB bandwidth on HF. (Windows freeware on our CD and on the web)
    • Computer RIG control (pro, P&P only). (Freeware, shareware and demos on our CD and on the web)
    • Transmit speech processing (pro only) Equalizer, noise reduction and compression on our CD and on the web.
    • DX beacon monitoring (pro and P&P only) BeaconSee

    Package Includes:

    • Rigblaster Unit
    • 8 Pin & RJ Microphone Cable
    • CD
    • Owners Manual
    • Jumper Pack
    • 2- 1/8" Audio Cables
    • DB9F toDB9M Serial Cable and USB Adapter

  •   6%

    Weight 1.00 lbs
    Price: $84.95


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    rigblaster nomic unit to be use in applications where no mic is ever connected to the radio.
    cables and USB adapter
    rigblaster nomic unit
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