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Durham Radio Sales and Service Canada :: HDTV Tuners/Antennas/More

Why Pay for a Whole Bunch of Cable and Satellite Channels You Never Watch!

Buy an inexpensive TV antenna and get all the major networks and more for FREE!

Over-the-air HDTV Converter Box and Digital TV Information

To see the products we have to offer please scroll down the page.

Did you know... Hockey Night in Canada is available in HD FREE of charge.
See the complete CBC sports schedule including the Hockey schedule HERE

Would you like to receive the new digital TV channels? The signals are crystal clear and interference is significantly reduced as compared to old analog TV. As an added bonus, some channels even broadcast in High Definition for stunning picture quality! Sub channels of the main channel carry radio station audio and other television broadcasts! FREE OTA (over-the-air) stations available in the GTA include CBC, CityTV, CTV, Global, E channel, Omni 1, Omni 2, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW23, WNED, PBS, Think Bright, CTS and more.


If you have a new TV with an ATSC (Digital TV) tuner built-in, all you need is an antenna system. If you already have a TV antenna you may not need to buy a new one. The digital channels are on the same frequencies as the old analog ones.*

If you have an older TV but would like to continue to watch "Over the Air" television, you need to buy a "DTV converter box" and connect this device between your TV and existing antenna. Digital TV Tuners are also available. They provide component and HDMI outputs for the highest quality picture on HD ready sets. (The switchover in Canada is scheduled for 2011)

OTA HDTVstation logos
Please note that most digital TV channels are located on the UHF band. If you are interested in picking up a particular channel, you should check with them to see if they plan to move back to the VHF band before you choose an antenna. In almost all cases, a VHF antenna is not necessary.

*It should be noted that a digital and analog channel cannot exist on the same frequency. At present there are several Canadian TV stations broadcasting an analog and digital signal on two different channels. Your digital tuner will only pick up the new digital signal however it will display the old channel number you are used to seeing.

Please note that low power analog community stations in the USA can continue to operate past this date. In Canada, there are still areas where analog TV is still being used however the majority of channels are digital.

HDTV Tuners/Antennas/More
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Antenna Cable
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Hardware for Antenna Installation
57 products
HDMI Cables & Accessories
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Preamps and Splitters
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Rotators for TV Antennas
3 products
TV Antennas
14 products
TV Tuners/Converters for DTV HDTV
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TV Wall Mounts
9 products
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