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Durham Radio Sales and Service Canada :: Batteries & Chargers :: Sealed Lead Acid :: BT12V7A Sealed 12V 7Ah Lead Acid Battery for UPS

BT12V7A Sealed 12V 7Ah Lead Acid Battery for UPS 

BT-12V-7A Sealed Lead Acid Battery for UPS

Replaces APC part number RBC2

APC Back-UPS: BE500C, BE500U, BK200C, BK250, BK250B, BK280B, BK300, BK300C, BK300X116, BK300XIII, BK350, BK350EI, BK400, BK400B, BK500, BK500MC, BK500EI, BP280, BP280C, BP280IPNP, BP280PNP, BP280S, BP280SUS, BP280SX116, BP350UC, BP420, BP420C, BP420IPNP, BP420S, BP420SUS, BP500CLR, BP500UC

Powerware UPS: 3105-700, 3110-550, 3110-700, 3115-300, 3115-420, 5105-450, 5110-700, 5115-500, Exide NetUPS 450

Powerware UPS: (these models require TWO Batteries) 5110-1000, 5110-1500, 5115-750, 5115-1000, 5125-1000, 5125-1000RM, 9120-700, 9125, 700, 9125-1000

Powerware UPS: (these models require THREE Batteries) 5115-1400, 9120-1000

Powerware UPS: (these models require FOUR Batteries) 5119-1000RM, 5119-1500RM, 5125-1500, 5125-2200, 5125-2200B, 5125-1500RM, 9120-1500, 9120BAT-700, 9125-1250, 9125-1500, 9125-2000, 9125-EBM-24, Exide NetUPS SE 1000RM, Exide NetUPS SE 1500RM

Powerware UPS: (these models require SIX Batteries) 9120-BAT-1000, 9125-2500, 9125-3000

Powerware UPS: (these models require EIGHT Batteries)5125-RM, 5125-EBM-24RM, 5125-EBM-48RM, 9120-2000, 9120-3000, 9120-3000B, 9120-BAT-1500, 9125-EBM-48

Powerware UPS: (this model requires TWELVE Batteries) 9125-EBM-72

Powerware UPS: (these models require SIXTEEN Batteries) 9120-BAT-2000, 9120-3000

Powerware UPS: (these models require TWENTY Batteries) 9125-5000, 9125-6000, 9125-EBM-240

Powerware UPS: (these models require THIRTY TWO Batteries per module) UPS 9155

Powerware UPS: (these models require THIRTY TWO Batteries per module) 9150 8kVA/10kVA/12.5kVA, 9150 EBC48

Belkin UPS: F6C225-USB, F6C250-USB, F6C325-SER, F6C350-USB, F6C425, F6C425-SER, F6C500-USB, F6C525, F6C625, F6C650, F6C650-USB

Belkin UPS: (these models require TWO Batteries) F6C325-SER, F6C700, F6C800-UNV

Tripp-Lite Office UPS: BC300, BC400 STANDBY, BC420, BC450, BC500 Internet Tripp-Lite Office UPS BC500 LAN, OFFICE 500

Tripp-Lite Office UPS: (these models require TWO Batteries) BC325A, BC675, CP350

Item may not be exactly as shown.


Weight 3.00 lbs
Price: $28.95


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12v 7a sealed lead acid battery for UPS
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