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Durham Radio Sales and Service Canada :: Amateur Radio :: TNCs and Modems :: SLUSB5PD Signalink SL1+USB with 5-Pin Din Connector

SLUSB5PD Signalink SL1+USB with 5-Pin Din Connector 

SL-USB 5PD Signalink USB TNC modem for Amateur transceivers


    Features at a glance:
  • Built-in low-noise sound card
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Complete radio isolation
  • USB port powered
  • Works with ALL radios
  • Uses mic, data, or accessory port
  • Supports all sound card digital and voice modes
Once again Tigertronics sets the pace in digital operating! The SignaLink USB combines the legendary performance of the SL-1+ with a state of the art “built-in” low-noise USB sound card. This ground breaking innovation delivers optimum performance while eliminating the need to attach to your computer's existing sound card. Convenient front panel controls and simplified installation make this one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market, continuing to show that the Tigertronics SignaLink truly is the ultimate interface!

ALL sound card digital and voice modes are supported by the SignaLink USB. This includes traditional modes such as RTTY, SSTV and CW (to name a few), as well as today's hottest new modes like PSK31, MT-63 and EchoLink. Performance on all modes has been optimized by the use of special low-noise parts and careful design techniques, while ease of operation is provided by front panel controls that let you adjust your transmit audio, receive audio and transmit delay on the fly.

The SignaLink USB works with ALL radios and can be attached to the mic jack, data port or accessory port. Most customers will want to attach the unit to the back of the radio (data or accessory port), as this will allow the microphone to stay plugged in. A wide selection of fully assembled radio cables are available for all common base and mobile radios. A special un-terminated radio cable is available for radios that use a non-standard connector, or for use with hand-held radios (HTs).

The SignaLink USB comes fully assembled and tested. As with all Tigertronics products, it employs state of the art surface mount construction and every unit is robotically assembled in their own modern factory to ensure maximum performance and reliability. All components are of the highest quality, and every unit undergoes the same stringent quality control and inspection standards that you have grown to expect from Tigertronics! We invite you to compare every aspect of the SignaLink USB to other sound card interface products. We think you will agree that Tigertronics has offered a level of innovation, quality, and value that cannot be beat!


Built-in Low Noise Sound Card - This provides optimum performance and frees your computer's existing sound card for other uses. It also greatly simplifies installation and operation, by reducing the number of cable connections, and by providing consistent performance that is independent of the computer's sound card.

Simple Installation - The SignaLink USB has only one USB connection to the computer, and in most cases, only one connection to the radio*. There are no audio cables to get mixed-up!

Easy Setup and Operation - The SignaLink USB's built-in sound card provides consistent audio levels and performance that is completely independent of the computer's sound card allowing Tigertronics to streamline their audio level setting procedure like never before. Simply set the software transmit audio controls as described in the SignaLink manual, and then adjust the SignaLink's front panel "TX" control for the desired RF power level. Setting of the RX level is even easier, as this is done completely by the SignaLink front panel "RX" control. There are no software recording controls to adjust.

Convenient Front Panel Controls - You can now easily adjust your TX audio, RX audio and transmit delay without having to open the SignaLink case. This lets you optimize your transmit audio (RF power), receive audio level (waterfall drive), and transmit "hang time" delay on the fly.

Works with ALL Radio Mic, Data, and Accessory Ports - The SignaLink USB works with ALL radios, and can be attached to your radios mic, data, or accessory port. This allows most users to attach the SignaLink to the back of the radios data or accessory port while leaving the microphone plugged in.

Supports All Sound Card Digital & Voice Modes - Digital and voice modes that are available for sound card interfaces. This includes ALL traditional modes such as CW, RTTY, AMTOR, and SSTV (to name a few), and ALL new modes such as PSK-31, MT-63, and EchoLink. All standard sound card communications programs will work with the SignaLink USB.

Complete Isolation - Unlike some interfaces on the market, ALL SignaLink models COMPLETELY isolate your computer from your radio. This eliminates troublesome ground loops and prevents hum and noise from degrading the signals. The SignaLink USB provides isolation through the use of audio transformers and a relay-based PTT keying circuit.

Transmit Audio / "Side Tone" Output - A rear panel monitor jack can be used with headphones or powered (amplified) speakers to monitor your transmit audio or side tone during CW operation.

External Speaker Support - If your installation requires that you attach the SignaLink to your radios external speaker jack, then you can plug an external speaker or headphones into the SignaLink's rear panel aux jack and continue to hear your RX audio.

No External Power Required - The SignaLink USB is always powered by the computer's USB port, so external power is NEVER required..


Every SignaLink USB is supplied with the following items:

Fully Assembled Detachable Radio Cable - The SignaLink part number determines which radio cable is supplied with the unit (please specify when ordering). Cables are available for ALL radios that use a 4-pin round, 8-pin round, RJ-11, and RJ-45 mic connector. Cables are also available for ALL radios that have a data or accessory port that uses a 5-pin DIN, 8-pin DIN, 13-pin DIN**, or 6-pin mini-DIN connector. An un-terminated cable is available for radios that uses a different type of connector, or for building a cable for an HT.

USB Cable - This cable connects the SignaLink USB to your computer. It is six feet in length.

Mono Cable - This cable is used with radios that do not have receive audio on the mic jack. It is two feet in length. If you connect the SignaLink USB to your radio's data or accessory port, then you will NOT use this cable.

Jumper Wires - These are used to configure the SignaLink for your specific radio. No soldering is required - The jumpers simply push into a socket on the circuit board! The SignaLink software CD contains jumper settings for the most popular radios. Settings for other radios can be easily obtained by following the step-by-step procedure in the SignaLink manual, or by contacting Tigertronics technical support staff.

Allen Wrench - Used to open the SignaLink USB case.

Software CD - This CD contains the latest programs for all of the most popular modes including PSK-31, SSTV, MT-63, CW, RTTY, AMTOR and Packet. Software for other modes can be downloaded from our SignaLink Software Page. The entire Tigertronics web site with all of the latest support information (including jumper settings) is also included on the CD.

Printed Installation Manual - The SignaLink manual contains both step-by-step, and "quick" installation instructions for users of all experience levels. Troubleshooting tips and an audio level adjustment procedure are also included.

FREE Telephone Tech Support - If you have any questions, or if you need assistance with the installation of your SignaLink, our technicians are available to help you. Click here for information on contacting tech support.


Power Supply:USB port powered

Audio Freq Response:100Hz - 10Khz** **Upper frequency response is intentionally limited by low pass filter.

Sampling Size/Rate:16 bits, All standard rates are supported up to 48 KHz.

Computer OS:Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 & XP.MAC OS 9.1 or later, MAC OS X 10.00 or later.

Computer Hardware: This depends on the program that you are running (see your program's help or read me file for details). Most communications programs run fine on a 266 MHz or faster Pentium type processor, but some may require a faster computer.

Radio In/Out Z: 600 Ohm (nom). TX/RX levels are fully adjustable for compatibility with Hi-Z and Low-Z radio connections.

Auto-PTT™ Delay: Adjustable "hang time", 30 ms to 3 seconds

PTT Circuit: Relay Rating - 3 AMP (max)

Radio Connector: TX audio, RX audio, PTT, GND - RJ-45 RX audio/speaker - 3.5 mm mono.

Computer Connector: USB 1.1/2.0 compatible standard USB "A" type connector.

Other Connectors: Aux. Speaker - 3.5 mm mono

Case: Extruded Aluminum - 6061T4

Dimensions: 1.6 x 3.2 x 3.6 inches

Operating Temp: -30C to +60C

**Specifications are subject to change without notice. Tigertronics reserves the right to change specifications to improve their products, or for any other reasons they deem necessary.


Weight 0.75 lbs
Price: $174.95


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